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French Switzerland

I guess not every cafe in Switzerland has cutthroat prices after all! In fact this is the cheapest internet (in Europe) ever)! 4 hours for 10 CHF! & they dont require you to purchase some beverages etc.

Notice that i havent used any punctuation marks. Doing so cuz i cant be bothered to learn where they all are. Ive probably used at least 3 different versions of the keyboard since i got here. Its really a nuisance! I dont mind learning another version but all 3?!?

Anyhow, french switzerland is quite.. french. The language (duh) and even the buildings. I am not sure about the culture... Its kind of hard to tell since its the Montruex Jazz Festival right now and this place is swarmed!! Its a good thing though! Because my god, Russians can be extremely sensual !!! Or maybe its just because shes a sax player? Anyhow, met Supertramp while we dropped by a posh bar where she was gonna quote `jam`. She likes that word a lot. Felt a little out of place though. Musicians have this bond ive noticed regardless of nationality, malaysian, russian, canadian what not.

Aaron from supertramp was a cool guy. His sound engineering guy, howrad was nice.. because he paid my bill for a 9 franc bottled guisness and (god knows how expensive) bottled water. Yeah, i forgot that you have to pay for water here until it came in a sweating bottle at my table where i was having fondue! Kase (cheese) Fondue was good! Although i wont be having cheese for a little while... Damn... and im heading to Italy in 10 days.

Anyhow, my hostel is pretty cool as well. Theres a rooftop terrace and it is quite something else to have a high vantage point of a french town. I cant quite describe the feeling. Something to do with feeling civilised, more so than ever because of the rich history of the town. Not that im letting it get to my head. This was probably the roots of that irritating western/caucasian superiority mindset.

I am not quite sure why i felt like staying here a few days. I think the french ambience has something to do with it, or rather my misconceptions of french. The beaches here are close to nothing, although the entire town(s) are right on the lake. (You have plenty of people suntanning on the broad cement platforms by the lake however.) There arent many extraordinary heritage sites here (Although this place is famous for the amount of distinguish authors/artsy people that visited it for its ambience such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Hans Christian Anderson. Hmm i guess i must be feeling what they were feeling?! Now thats a nice thought...) There isnt a really lively hostel atmosphere either...

Enough ambling.. till next time! Thanks to the people who have told me they read my blogs!

Posted by kyhans 02:02

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