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First city in Europe and it was raining. However, it was a lovely place to be. The canals gave lovely views and some heritage level buildings. Ate some of the krokets or however they are spelt and found them delicious! They are basically breaded "twiggles" with pasty meat/cheese/vege fillings. Tried to look for some raw herring to swallow whole but didn't find the vendor. Damn! Wasn't looking forward to that anyhow so i guess i was lucky? Frites was kind of overrated. Twice fried french fries tasted stale to me!?

Amsterdam or should i say european choice of clothing is spectacular! Very stylish and professional looking. Very civilised look. I love watching girls in high leather pull up boots, mid length skirt and fashionable jacket/coat on their bicycles! I love it when its raining and they cycle with an umbrella in one hand like it was a natural thing! The men were dressed well as well. And by the way, the bicycle is quite a popular mode of transport. They have lanes on all roads for bicycles. They even have those buttons for them to press! meaning those we press to cross the road in the states.

Red light district was pretty interesting. There are some really hot girls in the windows! Really all nationalities... You can smell weed on people walking past you... Coffee shops stink of them... I guess if you were american you'd feel the liberation... I guess i should too but i didn't.

Van Gogh and the other musuem Rijks-something, were lovely. Its amazing how Rembrant and others could paint such realistic pictures. Somehow, these paintings were better than photoes! Some of them looked 3-D! I can definitely see the genius in Van Gogh. How he put those brush strokes together to form a harmonious image i have no idea.

One shouldn't stay at a christian hostel. Really... i was trying to find someone to do 'shrooms with but how do i approach someone? For heaven's sake, when i got into my dorm room, a couple of them were on the bed praying. The funny part if you go out the front door of the hostel, not more than 5 steps down, you have girls in their windows beckoning to you, and a thai massage parlour. How about that?!?!

Apparently, talking to a local, the Netherlanders (?) do not mind the sex and drug tag to their country. Also, you could show up to work high, at least for your blue collar job and the boss can't really say anything. Of course, this is from only one local...

Only spent a day in amsterdam. Stopped in Brussels for half a day and tried my luck for a room in Bruges. I am still in Bruges!! Now i'm trying to fill this blog. This won't happen too often. I actually have to make time to write in my journal. Will figure out how to post pictures here next time. More coming up...i have decided to skip luxembourg because of the lousy weather report for the next week and head straight for switzerland!!

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My first post

I've been here just for a few days and it feels like i have been here for a long time. Truly, that is how i feel inside. I crave for more of this. The ambience of europe is what i've always thought it to be and more!

However, before all that, Chicago was worth mentioning. I lived in a hostel in Fullerton, a little up north of the city. It was a lovely place, very much like the victorian village back in columbus ohio. Apparently, it was the richer area of town, that and because it was burned down during the big chicago fire and that there was a children's memorial hospital nearby. I'm told that the area north of chicago had a large glbt community. That should be true... since there was a glbt parade the very next day!

Met a mexican there that was there solely for the reason of selling football tickets (a guy in my room was there just for the game). His name was Hosea (yeah....hmmm..... & yes i know its spelt Jose). He was telling me about whores in eastern europe and such.. i wonder if he really came here before? or he was just telling stories about things he heard in hostels such as the one we were living in?

A bit of advice for everyone: McDonalds is a very reliable place to find a public restroom!

No more time! Internet is expensive! Right now i can't decide where to go next. Weather over here is horrile at the moment!!! Its not summer in europe at all!!

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