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Erm free hour?!?

This place is riddled with bugs! I think i just got a free hour!! I think a lady just bought an hour from the guys and they mistakenly attributed it into my account. Although i said i felt bad cheating them of their money, this time i can justifiably sit here and continue typing here: I really have nothing else to do anyways. This is my day of vacation from vacationing! I am actually heading into the Tuscan countryside right after this and hopefully ave a delightful time there! I am quite sick of the cities. I can barely remember the 'feel' of the lesser ones, ie, Modena, Bologna, Lucca and Pisa.

Verona... ah it was a lovely place to be. In Bologna, the deterioration of the buildings were detrimental to the image of the city; not so for Verona. The stains of time on Verona buildings actually gave the city a beautiful touch. When strolling through the city, one can truly appreciate an old city in modern times. I forgot that this was the city of Romeo and Juliet until i looked at the brochures from the TI. For a tourist hotspot, Verona was a city quite unfazed by the hordes. Make no mistake, downtown was downright all about tourist: there was a street, the main shopping mall/street with all the posh shops you could ever find, gucci, emporio armani, stefanel (i have stuff to say about this brand, guess the feature model) LV etc, restaurants all around the piazza, multiple TI.s and all the mimic posers. Yet somehow, the buildings retained their ancient facades and the streets felt like they were no different from when they were first built. Needless to say, one can easily imagine how it was like for a local during the golden times of the city. One only needed to close ones eyes. Indeed, Verona is possibly one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

I happened to stay at hostel that was just their third day in business. It was backpackers verona. Apparently the plan was to have this dormitory structure open up during summer when all the students were away doing whatever it is students do in summer. The accomodation was like a 3 star hotel, two bed rooms, a private bathroom, a desk and individual lamp to each occupant and a bedside stand and lamp! I havent had such luxury for awhile and i welcomed it indeed! However, the kitchen was quite horrible... Although it was evident that the students who lived in the dorms cooked, one dare say that they don't do it often as the fuse jumped every so often when one was cooking! Are the students who study in Italy rich or something?!?

I must say that when i was at the bus station, i overheard a couple of young chinese students (i mean from china) talking. They were talking about their lives as student in Italy and somehow the subject of money usage came up. It was quite appalling how nonchalant they could talk about using the large amounts money given to them. The girl said the one thousand units of money was not even enough to buy her clothes! I say thousand units of money because i am not quite sure they meant the chinese currency or in euros! I stagger to think she might have meant euros! Firstly, a thousand ren min bi could buy her a ton of presentable clothing in china and secondly, a thousand euros could buy her quite a few pieces of clothing even in the expensive boutiques in italy!! I suppose i really shouldn't be suprised as i know that the chinese younguns that attend foreign universities are all from rich families back in China. Then again, coming from China, one surely must have seen the hardships endured by the chinese nationals in their country on a daily basis; perhaps they could have learnt the value of money? Can one's life get that sheltered?? I guess so... I am tired of typing today. Ciao!

Posted by kyhans 07:56

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