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I think i have free internet. Just today...

Yeah so i have been here about an hour i think. I shall be here a little longer, just as soon as i feel like i'm done crapping. Besides, i dare not stay until too late anyways. I wonder how safe it is to wander the streets of Florence at night alone... Then again, hopefully i can catch the bus, god only knows when the last one is.

Anyhow, I was talking about food from Gap i think. Yeah that comes to mind because today i found prune flavored biscuits in italy!!! I was in Lucca today, ran out of food ( i seem to eat a lot these days... or i just pack too light of a lunch and end up ravenous and hunger driven ) and went to a supermarket, Pam. Yeah when i saw it i thought it was some sort of solace because last night i found out the DVD of the russian girl i met, possibly containing MTV.s of her was broken. I can't say i was really surpised, but i was crossing my fingers... I dont have a hard case trolley or anything aye. I only have a backpack... yeah so i packed it in between clothing etc. That worked pretty well for the last three weeks. It was perfectly alright a week before but now its broken. ARGH!! & i never even viewed the contents yet! Curses!! The computers i am using now have DVD-roms! CURSES!!!

Solace... or not. They were the most horrible tasting biscuits/snacks ever!! What is this italian fascination with making their biscuits to be cereal like? Biscuits that taste like cereal... and i mean those Kelloggs cornflakes, special K sort of cereal. Granted i found a brand that had pretty tasty cereal biscuits. BUT i would not want them on a hiking trip etc. etc. They taste healthy... I don't feel energised or rejunevated when i crunch down on them and taste NOTHING. Thats how the prune biscuits tasted like. I think on the box its supposed to be 20% made of prunes. Yeah so what the heck happened? Did they squeeze out all the prune juice, sugar flavor and all and used the leftover fibres to make the damn biscuits?!? God knows what they were thinking...

Yeah so i sound pretty mad. I suppose i'm just popping my lid a little concerning Italians. Italian economical food is REALLY economical. I have the right to say this i guess because i have sampled all the cheapest meats etc. etc. from the supermarket chains in Switzerland, Belerux & France. While i can't say which country has the best cheap budget food, I can definitely say Italy has the worst cheap food. Seriously, lets just take chocolates. My god... the cheapest chocolate they have, not really cheap in the first place tasted horrible. Then bread, in no way bread in Italy is cheap. But what cheapest bread they have is horrible horrible indeed. Super stale bread, though fresh maybe for the first hour or so out from the oven sold for the price of darn good cheap bread (that lasts good for days!!) in switzerland. However, manufactured goods aside, for some reason, in Italy you can get really really really juicy and sweet fresh nectarines, peaches, prunes for dirt cheap. Maybe its the season and all but 1 euro for a kg of peaches/nectarines?!?! Actually.. today i got 1 kg of nectarines for 0.76 euros! & they taste just fine!!!

Hmm... looks like i havent made any development at all journey wise and it looks like i have to go.. its 10pm. I am leaving early tomorrow for Siena so i have to at least shower today. heh heh. Cheerios! I'll give you guys a hint though, my next stop after Gap was the Cinque Terra. phew.. it was a really long full day 12 hour train ride to get there!

Posted by kyhans 12:35

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